Agmline Rulo Sac Açma Sistemleri

About Us

Sacform Makina mainly works on the most important and critical areas of the manufacturing industry such as hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical production lines which can be controlled by PLC systems. Our machines are produced according to necessary and important engineering with apparatuses and technical support systems. Our produced machines, production lines or projects can be used not just only by small and middle sized production facilities or factories, can be used also easily and productive in research and development centers, laboratories for producing precision products which requires precision processes.

Our company's main production portfolio includes Cut to Length Line, Coil Slitting Line, Compact Press Feeding Line, High-Speed Servo Feeding Line, Coil Straightening Machines, Servo Feeding Line, Hydraulic Extensional Steel Coil Opener, Sheet and Metal Transfer Line, Special Drilling, Punching and Bending Presses, Lifting and Carrying Cars, Assembly Lines and Machines, Sheet Metal Forming Machine Lines and Equipments.

We Supply

Cut to Length Line
Coil Slitting Line
Compact Press Feeding Line
Fast Servo Feeder System
Coil Steel Straightener
Servo Feeder
Decoiler with Hydraulic Expansion of Spindle
Steel and Metal Transferring System
Special Blanking, Forming and Bending Presses
Coil Car
Steel and Metal Forming Lines and Machines