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Coil Cut to Length Line 1300 mm

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AGMline designs and manufactures coil cut to length lines with different working sizes as complete systems for all ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as special materials with metallic or coated surfaces. We have good quality level, we produce our machines according to European standards.


The Production Line Parts 


Coil Decoiler : 10-15 tons working capacity with loading car, adjustable speed control, conical mandrel expansion system. 

Straightener & Feeder : Adjustable roller level, electronic precision control for different thicknesses.

Guillotine Shears : We use normally guillotine shears on our cut to length lines but we produce our lines also with rotary shears and flying cutting systems.

Stacking Unit : We produce stacking units according to demans of our customers. 

Technical Details for Faster Line 1.300 mm


CuttingLines 1300 Series

Cut to Length Lines for cutting the steel with width up to 1300 mm. 

1.  product line 0,3 - 2 mm T x 1300 W x 10 TON

2.  product line 0,5 - 3 mm T x 1300 W x 10 TON

2.  product line 0,8 - 4 mm T x 1300 W x 15 TON


  • 0,3-2 mm T x 1300 W x 10 Ton
1. Maximum weight : 10,000 kg
2. Loading Car : 10,000 kg
3. Working Thickness : 0,3 – 2 mm
4. Inside diameter : 490 / 620 mm
5. Working Width : 300-1600mm
6. Width : 300 – 1300 mm
7. Length : 500 – 3000 mm (LONG EXTENSIBLE)
  • Decoiler 10 Ton

  • Loading Car 10 Ton 

  • Straightener & Servo Fedeer

  • Guillotine Shears

  • Automatic Stackingunit & Conveyor Belt


  • Guillotines used in AGMline Cut to Length Lines are working with start-stop system using rotary shear or fixed type shear.
  • The straightener systems used in AGMline Cut to Length Lines, can be with 9, 11 or 12 rollers, depending on the width and thickness of the steel. The rollers can be even more according to the chemical composition and thickness of the steel.
  • Stacking the sheet metals can be different as to transporting and stacking types; there are vacuum stackers, magnetic
    strackers, oscillating stackers, and direct drop. Our Cut to Length Lines are designed according to material.
  • AGMline Cut to Length Lines ensure faster and more precision production with their ABB Electronic Automation Systems with less personnel, in addition to the significant increase in the production capacity, our lines afford to work safely and without wastage.

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