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Press Feeding Compact 600

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CLP 600 Series Compact Feeder System

Compact System Press Feeding Machines Consists of Decoiler, Straightener and Feeder Systems with Working Capacities of 30 - 600 mm Coil Width, 0.4 - 3 mm Coil Thickness, 1500 Kg To 3000 Kg Coil Weight.


Patented Straightening Design

Straightener and Servo Group of Rollers are bouncing/jumping together at the same time during piloting. Top reducers stay in place during the bouncing. This system is designed by Sacform R&D Team.


Coil Thickness Digital Display


  • Number of the Rollers and Specification Of The Machines are determined depending on Thicknesses, Widths and Material Property of Sheet Metal




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Price Request
Press Feeding Compact