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Coil Sheet Drivers Projects Delivery 2013

We are indebted to all our customers who have carried us to these days with their appreciation at the end of the projects

Sacform Makina Kalip San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. With AGMline, a brand name, has delivered a total of 314 press feeding machines in 2013

In 2013, AGMline manufactured and delivered 302 machines including decoiling, straightening and servo drive systems.

In 2013, our press feeding compact type machines, where decoiling, straightening and servo drive systems are together, were delivered in total in 12 units

We are honored to see your satisfaction at the end of our studies. AGMline, with its commercial ethics, always believes in the principle of adopting 100% unconditional customer satisfaction as a principle, giving the best service to its customers and giving importance to customer reference.

Some Models of the machines which were delivered to our customers on 2013

Compact Coil Sheet Driving Systems

Coil Sheets Straightening Machines

.Decoiler with hydraulic mandrel and their loading cars.

Servo Drivers with straighteners.

Servo Feeders with Case

Mini Servo Drivers

Mechanic Type Decoiler

Decoiling and Straightening Systems

Tailor Made Press Feeding Lines

Progressive Die and Automation Projects

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