Agmline Rulo Sac Açma Sistemleri

Decoiler Straightener Systems

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Our compact decoiler and straightener systems have working capacity between 300 to 800 mm roll width, 0.4 mm to 5 mm thickness and 750 kg to 4.000 kg loading capacity.


  • Decoiling and Straightening on Single Body
  • High Performance Working Speed
  • Servo Feeder System – Trigger & Reducer
  • Gear Threaded Transmission System
  • Distance Detection / Laser Sensor
  • 50 Different Feeding Lengths
  • Multiple External Outputs
  • Press Control Automation System

Decoiler and Straightening System Servo Feeder Machine-AGMline-6.jpg



Decoiler and Straightening System Servo Feeder Machine-AGMline-5.jpg

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