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Hydraulic Decoiler 6 Tons

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RM6000HM Model numbered Decoiler has loading capacity up to 6000 kg. Depending on customer’s request, RM6000HM models are produced according to 600 – 800 – 1000 mm coil widths. RM6000HM Model Decoiler has hydraulic powered automatic tightening system. 


Coil Inner Tightening: Hydraulic powered systems is required when inner tightening operation cannot be done manually. Hydraulic system enables time saving and easiness.


Coil Loading Car: In terms of easiness, Coil Loading Car is used during change of used coil or loading new coil operations to feed coil to Decoiler shaft. ( Coil Loading Car is an optional product ).


Coil Drum and Speed: Specially designed hydraulic powered mandrel system enable coil opening finely without spreading. Electrical control units and laser sensor enables speed adjustment depending on working line speed.

 6 tons capacity hydraulic roll sheet opening machine 2020.jpg

6000 kg Hydraulic Decoiler / Technical Details


Coil inside


  Coil Outside


 Coil Weight




Min. Max.
 RMH6000M   75 - 600  490  530   1500 6000  Hydraulic  +  Standard
 RMH6000M  100 - 800  490  530   1500 6000  Hydraulic  +  Standard
 RMH6000M   100 - 1000 490 530  1500 6000  Hydraulic  +  Standard

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Price Request
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