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Hydraulic Decoiler 10 Tons

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SACFORM’s specially designed and manufactured Hydraulic Decoiler's, RM10000HM, has a capacity of carrying 10000kg Coil. In standards, our Hydraulic Decoilers are capable to work with 800 – 1000 – 1300 mm width of Coil types, as well as the Mandrel’s expansion and contraction movements are provided Automatically, with the Hydraulic System.

Hydraulic Mandrel: In accordance with the inner diameter of the working Coil, Hydraulic Motorized Mandrel system is being used in cases where it is not possible to do the gripping and tightening process, manually. This hydraulic system enables to place the coil, as tighten as it can be, when providing great convenience for Coils’ placing and displacing process.

Hydraulic Coil Car: Provides a great convenience and speed, during the process of loading the new coil and replacing with the new one.

Drum Design and Speed: With the circular design of the drum, Coil is able to unwind without intact.

Control Panel: The speed of the Decoiler can be adjusted and integrated with the working Line Speed that Decoiler has been used for, with the touchscreen Control Panel.

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Price Request
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