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Servo Feeders with Straightener RMS 12

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RMS-12 Straightener with Servo Feeder Model is able to process sheet metal in width range of 300 mm - 1600 mm and thickness range of 1 mm - 6 mm.

Straightener with Servo Feeder machine has roller pressure adjustment with pneumatic pistons. And, all feeder and straightener rollers are driven and adjusted together by gear group.

Straightener with Servo Feeder is designed to relieve sheet metal tension and enable proper piloting so as to work ideally with multipurpose progressive mold system.

Combination systems of Servo Feeder and Straightener, RMS Models, are designed to feed high performance presses automatically since straightener and feeder roller groups are combined in one machine.

Straightener with Servo Feeder enables Customers to save shop floor space since integrated design eliminates the material loop between Straightener and Servo Feeder. Decoiler and Straightener with Servo Feeder are combined to work together.

Straightener with Servo Feeders are easier to set up, run, control and install.

Servo Motor power transmission is designed with full surface contact of gears and minimum loss in power transfer. The same power transmission system powers the feeder and straightener rollers.

Straightener with Servo Feeder feeds sheet metal in parallel with mold surface. Feeder width adjustment is centralized and able to shift 50 mm to left and right.

Straightener with Servo Feeder is able to feed sheet metal in programmed speed, high precision and automatic cycle.

Feeding speed is 32 meters per minute (32 m/min.)

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RMS 12 / Technical Details.

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