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Coil Slitting Line 2000

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Coil Slitting Lines for slitting of the steel coil with the width of 2000 mm and weight of 20.000 kg up to 40.000 kg

In order to save the transportation and stocking expences, the width of the coils produced until today went up to 2000 mm from 1000 mm gradually. The slitting lines produced by our company are working with untill 2000 mm width steel.



Considering its long time exper in coil slitting area, AGMline became the techno centre of the sector by sharing its experience and technologies with steel industry. Globally the reliable and efficient slitting lines are very costly, however, AGMline, due to its R&D works, was able to offer the same line with much more competetive prices.

Sacform ensures the fastest cutting of the steel, operation with higher tonnages and fast and efficient operator working by using its innovative technologies in R&D area.







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Price Request
Coil Slitting Lines