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Press Feeding Compact (L)

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L Series Compact Feeder System

Compact System Press Feeding Machines Consists of Decoiler, Straightener and Feeder Systems with Working Capacities of 30 - 600 mm Coil Width, 0.4 - 3 mm Coil Thickness, 1500 Kg To 3000 Kg Coil Weight.

Compact L Model Press Feeding Machine AGMline 2020 4.jpg

Compact L Model Press Feeding Machine AGMline 2020 5.jpg


Our compact system is designed on one chassis. With that qualification, the need for the space is minimized.

  • Mechanical Decoiler (2.5 & 4 Tons)
  • Coil Tightening / Releasing
  • Coil Upper Pressure Arm
  • Servo Feeder with Straightener
  • Straightening Adjustment / Accurate Positioning
  • Roller Group – Gear Transmission
  • Distance Detection / Laser Sensor
  • Die Memory System
  • Multiple External Outputs
  • Press Control Automation System
  • Operating from Touchscreen Panel and Remote Tech Support
  • Automatic Die Height Adjustment

Compact L Model Press Feeding Machine AGMline 2020 6.jpg

CL Compact Press Feeding / Technical Data

CL Models Compact Press Feeding System Technical Data AGMline 302.png

  • Number of the Rollers and Specification Of The Machines are determined depending on Thicknesses, Widths and Material Property of Sheet Metal.

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Price Request
Press Feeding Compact